Valentina Ventimiglia for Almo Nature
di Almo Nature del: 28 settembre 2011
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Valentina Ventimiglia for Almo Nature

Dealing with clients is never easy and it would be a lie saying that working with Almo Nature it has been any easier than others. So, the difference I've experienced here, it has nothing to do with that, but in the effort that all the people I've met there, have put in this collaboration, including also who usually just sits in the higher position, shooting just a bunch of "yes" or "not". Obviously, there have been times in this collaboration, when I've felt mad or frustrated, but everyone here has been helpful, with the only aim to produce something that better expresses the message that they want to spread around. They are enthusiastic and honest, and that is something you don't easily find around.

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marco scrive:
giovedì, 13 ottobre 2011 alle ore 20.24

Un animale è dolcezza, simpatia, aLmore.

Valentina ha interpretato molto bene questi concetti.

Altro che Oliviero.....

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